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As we have quite a few new members here who have joined in the last few months, I think it would be helpful for us all to revisit the forum rules - I've been seeing a whole lot of mentioning lately about online bootlegs which has always been something we've refrained from discussing publicly.

Happy weekend to all Heart


10.24.04: Kristy Cates (u/s) & Jennifer Laura Thompson
11.28.04: Idina Menzel & Jennifer Laura Thompson
5.4.05e: Shoshana Bean & Jennifer Laura Thompson
1.8.06: Shoshana Bean & Megan Hilty [Shoshana/Michelle/David/Rue last]
1.11.06e: Eden Espinosa & Megan Hilty
5.2.06: Eden Espinosa & Megan Hilty
11.2.11m: Jackie Burns & Chandra Lee Schwartz [DG no-fly]
8.2.13: Lindsay Mendez & Katie Rose Clarke
11.9.13m: Carla Stickler (s/b) & Alli Mauzey
2.22.14e: Lindsay Mendez & Alli Mauzey [Lindsay/Alli/Kyle Dean/Carol last]
2.25.14: Christine Dwyer & Jenni Barber [Christine's debut as lead, Jenni/Justin/Mary debut]
4.3.14: Christine Dwyer & Jenni Barber
5.6.14: Christine Dwyer & Jenni Barber
7.14.14: Christine Dwyer & Tiffany Haas (s/b)
12.14.14e: Christine Dwyer & Lindsay K. Northen (u/s) [Christine's last as lead, Mary/Michael last]
2.14.15m: Lilli Cooper (s/b) & Kara Lindsay
3.24.15: Jennifer DiNoia (t/r) & Kara Lindsay
7.27.15: Emily Koch (s/b) & Kara Lindsay
8.18.15: Caroline Bowman & Kara Lindsay
9.13.15e: Caroline Bowman & Kara Lindsay [Caroline/Matt last show]
9.15.15: Rachel Tucker & Kara Lindsay [Rachel/Jonah debut]
10.1.15: Rachel Tucker & Kara Lindsay
12.2.15: Rachel Tucker & Kara Lindsay
12.23.15e: Rachel Tucker & Ginna Claire Mason (s/b)
1.10.16e: Hannah Shankman (u/s) & Kara Lindsay [Hannah's Elphaba debut]
1.13.16: Christine Dwyer (s/b) & Kara Lindsay [Christine's last as temporary lead]
1.29.16: Christine Dwyer (s/b) & Kara Lindsay [Christine's last as temporary standby]
1.31.16e: Rachel Tucker & Kara Lindsay [Kara/Arielle/Robin/Michele/Fred/TBP/Ryan last]
2.20.16m: Alyssa Fox (s/b) & Carrie St. Louis [Alyssa & Curt's first time together]
3.20.16: Christine Dwyer (emergency cover) & Carrie St. Louis
7.30.16e: Rachel Tucker & Carrie St. Louis [Rachel & Jonah's last]

10-01-2016 03:24 AM
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