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1. Respect. At all times, be courteous and respectful of all other posters, staff, and performers when posting on this site. Please note that all of the below rules could all fall under number one.

2. Do not use profanity. We have young users who access this website.

3. Please be sure to give constructive criticism when reviewing shows. There is a difference between stating your opinion and bashing someone. This also applies to any “hot topic” threads such as those regarding politics and religion.

4. Do not “tease” by saying that you know who the next replacement for so-and-so is but cannot say it. If you’re not allowed to say who it is, don’t say anything at all.

5. Please do not post or directly reference bootlegs on our site. If you wish to reference recordings on YouTube of LEGAL performances, please say what you are watching. So, for example, "I watched Nikki Davis-Jones on YouTube and really like her as Elphaba!" will earn you a warning, while "I watched Nikki Davis-Jones's performance at Cardinal Place on YouTube and really like her as Elphaba!" will not. This is an issue due to legal liabilities. Thank you for your compliance.

Isaac Evans
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